Miss us? We’ve missed you! We are back from our blogging hiatus and look forward to sharing more content and buzz around the world of PR. So much has shifted in the last 6 months, specifically – AI.  With the potential of AI overtaking every space, from entertainment, music and technology, it’s easy to wonder, how does this affect us?  We’re here to break it down why it matters in our industry – the good, bad, ugly and everything between, but most importantly why now more than ever, PR for brands is an even more important investment. 


If you’re new here, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science and technology that focuses on creating computer systems and software capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. Early examples of AI include virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa, or chatbots who help answer questions before needing a live agent. Self-driving cars, bots that make lattes and now in the beauty space, robot manicures & lash extensions are just some of the fascinating ways AI has evolved.  Now, ChatGPT is one of the fastest growing user applications with over 100 million users within 2 months proving that AI is a thing of the future and is only on the rise.


While AI is showing no signs of slowing down, it’s also creating solutions and shortcuts as the technology evolves in many key aspects of PR such as:

·      Data Analysis & Media Monitoring – In an instant, AI can analyze data of all types. Between social media mentions, news articles, and customer feedback, you can get real-time information and analytics with the click of a button.

·      Content Generation & Brainstorming – AI can easily create a pitch or press release in seconds, whenever you’re in a pinch.  Additionally, when you’re looking for a thought partner or sounding board, AI can create a starting point whenever you get stuck. 

·      Identifying What’s Trending – From historical trends to identifying potential influencers that match engagement rates and the demographics you’re looking for, AI can help research and match your needs. 

·      Language Translation & Globalization – Translation in multiple languages and adapted to specific markets can help make international communication even more efficient.  

Above all, AI saves a lot of time and cuts much of the manual tracking, searching and archiving that takes time in the day to day.  Within a click or two, you get real-time data, answers and automation that can streamline and allow you to make informed decisions. 


While AI is an amazing tool that creates efficiency, it is not a replacement for an agency. Because of the rise of AI – it’s so important to invest in a PR Agency that is able to marry the efficiencies of AI with the human touch. 

·      Human Intelligence – Although AI is able to automate and cut time, imagine every brand is turning to AI software to generate content or get information.  AI, while vast, is limited to data and what it’s been fed or can search.  The creativity is weakened and a PR agency and real human can take what’s automated to help create direction and strategy to propel the brand forward.  

·      Relationship Building – PR agencies are managing, maintaining and fostering their relationships on a daily basis. Press editors and influencers are still people! It takes an authentic and true connection to pitch and win over editorials, placements and awards that AI can’t do on its own. 

·      The Rise of IRL – Nearly 3 years of online connection from the pandemic have everyone craving human, face-to-face connection. PR Events that gather influencers and press together are growing more than ever. These true, authentic experiences aren’t possible without a PR & Marketing agency that specializes in these types of events.

·      Brand Identity & Storytelling – While technology can help craft a narrative with words, a PR agency brings the creative insight, emotional depth and impact to win over your target audience. 

Overall, the human touch is what helps consumers connect most to your brand. Push the Envelope PR, our award-winning agency with 15+ years of experience has been on top of the AI trends to stay efficient while having a team that are experts in beauty, fashion, wellness and beyond.  Our stellar record, client love and media partners can attest that they experience a true, authentic connection with us to get their brand in the spotlight and in the hands of consumers worldwide.  Drop us a message and we promise a live, human (not a bot) will be happy to connect on what we can offer and how we can partner to elevate your brand.

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