Push the Envelope PR has extensive experience connecting brands directly with their target audience with proven results. Our work is consistently featured in top-tier, national print, digital, broadcast, and social publications. Our client portfolio reflects our passion for the beauty, fashion, wellness, and lifestyle space, representing a variety of emerging indie brands as well as large mass market leaders. We are swift and have the tools to create unforgettable first impressions with lifetime relevance. 

Our Co-Founders, Sabrina & Michael, took their previous experiences in the fast-paced world of entertainment, media, and publishing and connected with their true passion- actively contributing to the growth of brands in their favorite markets. Since 2006, their extensive background has been the backbone of Push the Envelope. They’ve been part of the growth journey for an abundance of brands you know and love, with a proven track record of raising countless indie brands from obscurity. Brands with a small cult following have felt the impact of our partnership and exposure, catapulting them into mass market leaders. But it doesn’t stop there. We’ve cultivated brand interest beyond target consumers and have also created partnerships with wholesalers, key retailers, and notable investors for a variety of brands too.

When you work with Push the Envelope, you’re not just partnering with an agency that delivers a top-notch experience, you become an extension of our family. We connect your brand to your desired audience achieving visibility you didn’t think possible. We’re excited to meet you and potentially represent your brand. Let’s push the limits together, lets Push the Envelope.


Why Push the Envelope PR?


You don’t know your limits until you push them. When you partner with PTE, you’re taking a leap and a trust-fall into a network of industry professionals with countless award-winning campaigns and strategies. Our best work has been with clients who take big risks to see big rewards.


Welcome to the family. Our clients have access to our decades-long relationships with industry-leading editors, influencers and contacts. Our relationships are long-standing and growing and you can trust that a friend of ours will be a friend of yours. 


There’s no limit to what we can do together. We create unique, curated experiences because of our partnership and ability to think blue sky. Together, we can imagine the impossible.

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