PR Fall Trend Alert: Indie Beauty Brand Edition

As the seasons change, so do the trends and there are plenty to go around in the world of beauty that can particularly benefit an indie beauty brand no matter what stage of their business growth they are in.  Many indie brands that have the cult-following know that the true secret in keeping up with the latest trends is working with a boutique PR agency. 

Let’s peek behind the curtain of some of the latest trends that are up and coming this fall season and how indie brands can capitalize on these trends to pick up momentum if they were to partner with a PR agency like the team at Push the Envelope to get all the piping hot tea before anyone else.


What exactly is this growing trend? It’s a new approach to one’s skincare routine where you don’t do the same routine every day, but instead rotate through your treatments in a 4-day cycle.  Think of it like working out where you rotate between cardio, leg day, arms, core, and recovery, cycling through different types of workouts to allow your body to fully recover.  Skin cycling takes these similar principles applying it to skin. It consists of Exfoliation (Day 1), Retinol (Day 2) and Recovery (Day 3 & 4). This allows the skin to cycle between the actives ingredients and allows the skin to recover, thus minimizing irritation. From a boutique PR agency perspective, this is a great way for smaller indie brands who have limited assortments to really push a hero product that could fit into one of these cycle steps. When partnering with a boutique PR agency, they can get visibility on that product to editors that may be covering the course of this trend to get your name out there.


In today’s world of beauty, post-consumer recycled materials and recyclable packaging is the absolute bare minimum. Gone are the days of kitschy, yet wasteful packaging, and instead minimalist, eco-friendly options are more important than the actual product inside.  Brands that are both classic and indie are keen to the Millennials and Gen Z shoppers who are hyper-aware of their own consumption and their impact to the environment, and many are trailblazing the sustainable path with now refillable pods and palette inserts. It’s important for any indie brand that is starting out to consider this as non-negotiable when they create their products and go to market to stay abreast with long-term trends that are here to stay and while helping mother nature.


A TikTok explosion, burnt blush is on the rise and quite possibly the one trend that can keep the summer vibes alive this fall.  The blush technique mimics that nearly sunburnt look, giving the appearance of hours under the sun without the UV damage.  Indie brands can always work with a boutique PR agency to really capitalize on these trends by focusing on the placement and technique with any blush or cheek stain in their assortment and creating social content or influencer strategy to get your product in their hands when creating or jumping on a new trend like this.


Those HBO Euphoria vibes got us digging the Y2K trend all year long and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.  Gemstone eyes and hair have been dominating the red carpet all year long and this fall, smudged looks of metallic and jewel tones across the eye lids give the frosty look ideal for the changing season.  This paves the way for indie beauty brands to breathe new life to an existing eyeshadow palette or single shadow that may not have been as popular in seasons past.  It’s also an opportunity for indie brands that may cater to a particular demographic to acquire a new client or generation of shoppers when promoting a product that caters to a growing trend.


Between nail stickers, automatic machines deliver perfect manicures, gel strips and press ons, nails have made a major comeback in recent years.  While Mrs. Bieber brought the glazed donut skin trend to life this past summer, no one could have predicted how big her glazed donut nails would take the scene.  It’s still trending, but now with a festive fall makeover.  The simple idea of a sheer wash of color, topped with chrome powder is classic and evergreen and now opens the door for new combinations like pumpkin spice or chocolate glazed looks.  Goes to show how a simple trend can get a seasonal facelift to keep it alive.  Indie nail brands can stay on the pulse with product development and trends for 2023 knowing this look will stay delectable for seasons to come. 

The crew at Push the Envelope is no stranger to sourcing the trends and working with our clients to get their products and brands as the face to any of the hottest trends.  Our award-winning team can help your indie brand reach new heights with their expertise and relationships within the industry. Drop us a message to learn more about the indie brands we currently work with and how we can partner with your brand in the future. 


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