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When Your Fashion Brand Should Consider Public Relations

Timing is everything and for many fashion brands, Public Relations has been more top of mind now more than ever. Fashion trends are changing as quickly as the next viral Tik-Tok video and the demand for PR for fashion brands has also evolved with the shifts in marketing trends.  Perhaps it’s been on your mind and you know it’s the next step in your brand’s growth to integrate a PR agency into your strategy.  The Push the Envelope fam has got you covered! Maybe you’ve already done a bit of research in deciding between in-house or agency PR, or the pros and cons between the two, as well as what to expect when bringing an agency on board – as seen in our recent blog posts – check them out here! No matter if you’re ready today or need a bit of time, here’s some helpful tips and indicators that might suggest it is time to consider PR into the fold. Whether you’re just building your fashion brand or are anticipating an upcoming launch – these are the elements to consider before taking the leap to ensure your investment gives you the best ROI.  


When you know exactly who you are, it helps a PR brand mobilize the message and get the word out about your brand even sooner, making the partnership with you and any PR agency a breeze.  Some clear elements you would want flushed out before considering bringing Public Relations on board include: 

  • Clear Brand Identity: Knowing who you are, why you exist, what makes you different from the rest and what your brand is hoping to evoke to your audience. Come to the table with as much of your identity as possible, allowing a PR team to know you and help craft your message to the larger audience.
  • Who is Your Target Customer: Who do you want to serve? Instead of casting the wide net, be specific. This way when considering a PR Agency, they can have a clear idea and strategy in place for that set demographic.

Overall, once you have a strong awareness of who you are, how you want to show up and who to show up for, this is a great sign you’re ready to consider and partner with a PR agency to accelerate getting your message across. This also creates a ton of ease in the partnership, with less back and forth when you have a strong identity and bringing an agency on board even more seamless. 


If you’re juggling multiple parts of your business and you foresee it being a struggle to put full attention to Public Relations, this is a major indicator that it’s time to consider PR to cover you. As we mentioned, the fashion industry is ever evolving with trends changing often. Having a dedicated resource to stay ahead of the competition, anticipate the constant changes to keep your brand relevant allows you to continue to push forward with your vision. A PR team can create excitement and plug your brand into the fold and find the right pockets to really get your brand to shine.  Additionally, they can cover a plethora of PR needs – from placements and getting your brand to the right editors and publications that make sense for who you are and the audience you are trying to reach. It’s a powerful move for your brand to consider a PR agency as it can bring you beyond the confines of Social Media marketing, and into an untapped territory that can bring trust, longevity, and profitability for your fashion brand. 


You’ve been working on your fashion brand for years in the making. Countless hours of design, creativity and building has gotten you this far.  With all the time you took to create, if time is also on your side, it is a great time to consider PR to back the hours of work you made behind the scenes. Perhaps you’re 6-12 months out from your launch – this is a great time to consider PR to create enough time and space for a PR agency to pitch, tell your story and find the right pocket to share your message. Monthly publications alone need a 3–6-month lead time, and holiday brand guides are already getting pitched early summer.  Overnight sensations aren’t by accident.  There is a lot of planning and prep which is why a PR agency for fashion brands can use the gift of time to truly craft and create a beautiful launch that will make an impact for your brand for years to come. 


The minute you see PR as an investment versus an expense, is the best time to consider PR. An investment in PR is a bet on yourself and will only enrich your emerging fashion brand.  When you do the research and understand everything that a PR agency can do for you, what they cover and how the results can yield a high return on investment, it creates ease in the partnership between your brand and the agency you work with. You begin to understand the value and see this as a strategy for your brand or upcoming launch.  PR agencies that specialize in fashion, like Push the Envelope, create a true partnership with every client. An investment in us is ultimately an investment in your brand’s success and we’re with you every step of the way. 

Perhaps Public Relations might be at the top of your list, an arm’s length, or years away as you’re in the process of building your fashion brand.  No matter where you are in your journey, PR is here and available, ready to meet your needs and marry it with the trends of today.  Regardless of where you’re at, feel free to reach out to our team to consult and determine when it’s the right time to consider adding a PR agency into your strategy. Push the Envelope has a successful track record and have worked with countless fashion brands, young and old to get their launches and message across countless publications.  To learn more about our agency and services, click here to schedule time to speak.


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