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They say “fashion comes and goes, but style lasts forever.” It’s apparent that the trends on the rise in 2022 are making a major comeback, to the point that Gen Xers and Millennials might be questioning why they ever donated their middle school and high school threads to Goodwill years ago. With the world reopening, athleisure is out and any PR agency for fashion brands can tell you what’s on the rise. The team at Push the Envelope PR has your go-to trends of the year that look as though they’re here to stay.


We don’t mean bellbottoms, polyester and disco – we’re talking about what you wore during the turn of the millennium. Y2K aesthetic is back over 20 years later, paying homage to futuristic meets punk rock glam. Gen Z is bringing back the note of nostalgia with rising pop star, Olivia Rodrigo at the helm as she dons peak Y2K looks and reminds every millennial of their teenage angst through her Grammy Award-winning album, Sour. With pleated mini skirts, shiny materials, denim-on-denim, baby tees and butterfly clips galore, the Y2K vibe is transporting us back to partying like it’s 1999.


The cultural shifts of our time has many a PR Agency for fashion brands not just covering trends solely for men and women, but seeking the gender-fluid trends for all. Young icon, Harry Styles shared with Vogue, “anytime you’re putting barriers up on your own life, you’re just limiting yourself. There’s so much joy to be had in playing with clothes.” Spring 2022 fashion shows were flooded with all genders strutting the runway in a hybrid of men’s and womenswear, showcasing the sign of times that one style can fit all.


Ah, the dreaded return to office is hitting everyone’s email memos. Though you can’t wear business up top, sweats (or admit it, pant less on the bottom) any longer, work leisure has been on the rise. Fashion players like Athleta, MM.La Fleur, Spanx and Aday are meeting consumers where they’re at during this transition, offering wrinkle-free, easy stretch, and moisture wicking options. May this hybrid mix of workwear style and comfort pair with the new normal of return to office.


Any PR agency for fashion brands can tell you how the 80’s inspired puff sleeve volume is getting as big as the hair during that era. This regal, yet romantic vibe adds more shape and volume to the silhouette, adding that touch of drama and elegance to any look, casual or dressy. From vacay-inspired dresses to red carpet statements, the puff sleeve has been drawing attention in more ways than one and doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.


It’s been a minute (more like 2 years) since walking around in 3 inch pumps, so it absolutely makes sense that Platforms are getting a platform in 2022 – this time with much more versatility across all shoe styles. The added height, its versatility to be dressed up or dressed down allows anyone to flaunt them all season long as they also pair well with your favorite pair of tights during the cooler months. The chunky look pairs comfort, style and boost and will have people turning heads.

These are all but a taste of the emerging trends that the team at Push the Envelope, a full-service boutique PR agency have kept their eye on. With particular expertise in fashion and trends, we are a sought out PR agency for fashion brands that can lift your voice and vision to the savvy consumers ready to jump on any of these hot trends in 2022 and beyond.

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