Commitments are hard! We get it. There is so much to think about when jumping into a long-term commitment and investment. Like any relationship or situation, the time, value, money and “what’s in it for me?” runs through your head. The same goes when making any major investment like a car, mattress, first home – I mean #adulting, amirite?! The same goes for your business and brand when thinking about where to invest next in order to grow. A PR agency is a commitment, and a big one at that. Let’s take a look at the value you get that money can’t buy when you make a commitment and investment with PR. 


The number one reason you have PR in your corner is to build trust and credibility to your target audience. You can tell when you’ve bought followers versus earned them because of authentic connection, true engagement and a sense of community. You buy an advertisement to tell that your product is good, but you invest in PR for credibility and validation. Trust is not bought, rather it is earned and a PR Agency for brands invests their time and resources to build your brand and product with the utmost integrity.   


Why go on a series of blind dates with media, influencers and publications, when a PR Agency has trusted and built relationships across multiple industries? Time is the most valuable asset and when partnering with PR, they’ve put the time and effort to build trusted relationships that they’re ready to share with you. Think of PR as your matchmaker that connects you to the proper connections to get you even closer to your target audience. A friend of a friend is a much more reliable way to foster that connection than leading in blindly, and that is what investing in PR will yield. 


This isn’t a fling or a one-night stand. PR is here to build brand equity and is in it for the long haul. Brand building is not instant gratification and takes time. When consumers continue seeing brands appear in these top target outlets, this eventually builds confidence to convert into a purchase. From relationship building to brand awareness, a PR team will ensure that you become visible to your target audience. 


One investment brands don’t look into is how to get you out of a crisis. Mistakes can happen! It’s common and it’s okay. However, the way you react in the moment can make or break you.  The blessing and curse of instant media is that all eyes are on you, so any move you make is crucial.  A PR agency is equipped to handle faux pas and maintain and uphold your reputation to continue to stay within integrity, navigating rough waters and getting to the other side with limited damage.  

Like any commitment, trust, equity and relationships are keys to success. An investment in PR yields dividends well beyond its cost. When you invest in a PR Agency like Push the Envelope, an award-winning, trusted firm with over a decade and a half of experience, you get a team who is invested in you. We’re trusted experts in industries spanning across wellness, beauty, home and lifestyle, upholding valuable relationships with the industry’s best publications and media darlings.  Our long-time clients can share first hand their experience and how their investment has made lasting impact for their brands.  We’re ready to invest with you – so let’s hop on the phone, have a little coffee date and see where this relationship can go – we’re sure to deliver more than money can buy. 

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