How Placements Benefit Your Beauty Brand

Building Awareness

PR is all about building awareness and credibility for your brand. Getting your name and product out to the media is always a priority as a boutique PR agency’s client. In this article, the PTE team is here to share a bit of the BTS around different types of media and what to expect when you work with an award-winning agency like Push the Envelope, a full-service PR firm that has been winning top-notch media placements for their clients for over 17 years.


Let’s understand a bit about the different forms boutique media agencies specialize in. 

There is paid media which is exactly what it is – media that is purchased where you control the narrative. This pay-to-play method can be seen in the form of paid promotions, display ads, targeting, and paid content promotion.  While you have full control, you are paying for the visibility. Paid media primarily comes from your point of view and essentially serves as an advertisement. 

Owned media is content you create and control. Think of your website, blog, social channels, or email newsletters — everything you create on your own to get your message and branding out there. While you can control what you create, and its timing and is at no cost to you, it’s only limited to your current following.

But one form that costs nothing but is extremely important for any PR strategy is earned media. This is seen in the form of product reviews, mentions, social shares, editorial coverage, UGC, and placements. This is media that you can’t even buy yet tends to be the most valuable because it is the most authentic. A placement from a trusted publication, editor or influencer helps create even more credibility for your product and brand and gives that “word of mouth” feel. While you can’t control what, when, and how earned media will come into play, PR agencies for beauty brands are experts in facilitating and influencing various media placements to your benefit. 


One of the many benefits of investing in a PR agency for beauty brands is their ability to help get your brand the best media placements to your target audience. Thousands of brands compete for placements in digital and printed publications and only so few get chosen.  Agencies are in the pocket with many editors of trusted and well-known publications, representing and pitching to hundreds of publications on your behalf. They craft and curate your product and brand to the editor’s narrative, so the placement is mutually beneficial. When the shoe fits, you’ll see your product or brand featured in an authentic point of view, getting impressions from their many viewers and traction for your brand. It’s important to celebrate and highlight these placements within your owned media to share to your organic followers and to further establish your brand’s social proof. 


The longer a PR agency represents a brand, the more likely you’ll see that brand catch fire and be featured in the same, and additional publications and media outlets. Editors become familiar and invested with the line that they find excitement on the next best thing they have to offer. This is because relationships make all the difference.  The ability for a boutique agency for PR brands to have these strong relationships with key people get you connected to the right audience. Additionally, their expertise in the industry allows an agency to zoom out and see when your product could get a prime placement based on the upcoming trends within the year.


Our award-winning team earns hundreds of placements monthly, and our clients can tell you first-hand how it’s done. We can work with your brand in creating a solid media strategy to get placements in the upcoming months for key trends that we have our eye on in 2023. If you’re ready to increase your earned media, drop us a line to learn how we can get your brand premier placements for your target audience.  

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