Advantages To Working With A Boutique PR Agency

5 Advantages To Working With A Boutique PR Agency

Are you an emerging brand trying to get its footing, or a one that’s been around the block but could use a little reputation shake up to get heads to notice you again? Regardless, every brand can benefit from public relations and the vast expertise they bring to the table when you create your brand’s marketing strategy.  Perhaps you’ve never worked with an agency in the past, or strictly relied on advertising and word of mouth. We’ve got the scoop and you can peek behind the curtain to see why many of the hottest brands, old and new, stay relevant and top of mind for the consumer. They know the key benefits of working with a boutique PR Agency like Push the Envelope PR and we’re here to share them with you to help consider whether it’s time to take the leap to accelerate your brand’s growth. 


Perhaps you’re in a market that’s overly saturated, but you know that your product or brand has something that can differentiate itself from the rest of the competition. The problem is – how do you get people turning their attention to you and trust your word?  Working with an agency can help establish credibility across the consumer market to get people trusting your brand likely 5x faster than you doing it on your own. Consumers don’t have to take your word for it, but when they do their research, they’ll see other people they already have established trust with talking about you and will feel even more compelled to try it for themselves.  


Attracting and retaining your target audience is key. A key advantage to a PR agency is that they carry multiple resources and media tools to attract not just any audience, but the right audience. When you get the right audience looking at what you have to offer, the likelihood of them retaining is even higher. It takes out the guesswork in trying to figure out who you want to attract because an agency will know how to get you straight there.


Reputable PR agencies can position your brand to be a leader in your industry. From various media outlets, social media and new media that continues to evolve with technology and trends, a PR agency can utilize their experience and know what’s upcoming to be ten steps ahead of you. They understand the nuances in timing, trends and ongoing changes in the marketing world and can approach and advise on the best timing that will boost and reach your audience most effectively.


When you hire an agency, like Push the Envelope PR, their friends become your friends and you quickly become extended family, fostering relationships you may have not otherwise have connected with. From key influencers, editors and publications, these relationships are formed to further your credibility and take your brand even further than you even imagined.


Missteps happen and things can go awry. An advantage of working with a boutique PR agency is that when it does, there are tools to manage and prevent a crisis fire from blazing into an inferno. You can have a safety net to stop any bleeding to be able to move forward and see your reputation stay intact. 

There are so many more advantages to having a PR agency on your side, especially when considering a boutique PR agency like award-winning Push the Envelope PR.  Since 2006, we’ve been helping emerging brands make a mark in their industries, ranging from beauty and fashion to home and wellness. These can be competitive markets and we have the expertise, tools and relationships that can skyrocket your brand into a credible, trusted brand that will stay relevant for years to come. To learn more about our agency and services, click here to schedule time to speak.


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