Accelerate Your Growth Through a PR Agency

How A PR Agency Can Make the Difference

As a small, emerging brand, there are endless considerations and decisions you must make to grow and scale amidst your lack of bandwidth and ever-growing responsibilities. There’s so much on your plate with a considerable amount of time and resources that are needed to get the brand’s message and promise across to your desired customer. Any brand, especially a smaller brand getting started, can benefit from the expertise of a PR Agency. Read on to see how a PR agency like Push the Envelope can be a surefire investment to get your brand on the rise and on everybody’s mind and lips.

A PR Agency Increases Your Bandwidth

Time is your most valuable asset. Running a small brand takes up a ton of resources and time might not always be on your side. With so much on your plate, adding a PR agency as a resource allows you to make space for your vision, your business and most importantly, yourself. PR agencies work closely with brands offering an array of services to do much of the heavy lifting without compromising your brand’s voice and vision. Additionally, when you’re limited on resources and headcount, hiring an agency allows you to make the investment on fulfilling multiple roles with key experts in place. Rather than one internal hire or freelancer that would focus on one area of expertise, a PR agency can cover a breadth of services, from copywriting, influencer marketing, editorial and design, serving as a one-stop shop to give you the space you need to focus on other areas of the business that need your immediate attention.

Create and Foster Key Relationships

Your network is your net worth. While you may have many connections and it has served you thus far in growing your brand to be where it stands today, an investment in a PR agency is an opportunity to stretch that network beyond your own. From influencers, press and media, PR agencies have a rolodex of contacts in all forms that can put your brand’s name in their mouth to get them talking. Additionally, it’s all about getting the right people to talk about your brand – the influencers and media that will most resonate with your audience and build affinity for your brand and its purpose. These relationships are long-standing and rooted in trust with some of the most reputable players in the industry. Through a PR agency, you’re able to create more space and newness through partners you never thought were possible to create limitless opportunities for your brand.

Tap into an Engaged Audience

Meet the client where they’re at. A PR agency not only carries existing relationships with people that can spread your brand and story by word of mouth, but they also help you attract and engage the target audience that you want to manifest. From the breadth of experience and knowledge of the industry, a PR agency can identify which outlets and influencers your ideal client is watching, reading and listening to. They can pinpoint and target and cast their net to exactly who you want to attract and by knowing who they are, they can influence how you message exactly what your brand has to offer to keep them coming for more.

Get Noticed and Be Seen

Your voice is worthy to be heard. Through key relationships, understanding your brand and having a pulse on the latest buzzworthy trends across all different demographics, a PR agency can share your brand story to the right people at the right time. For new and emerging brands especially, having an agency in place can help set the narrative and get that buzz going, sparking brand interest across a variety of audiences, and understanding who it attracts. A PR agency gets your name out there by having other influential players talk about your brand, illuminating your story and promise in a more authentic and relatable approach than traditional advertising. They allow your story to be heard and is consistent across all forms of communication, while aligned with your overall vision and goals.

Protect your Reputation with a PR Agency

There’s no such thing as bad publicity. Sure this could be true for some, but along with all the good, a PR agency is here to assist through all the phases – even the awkward ones. A PR crisis can make or break a brand, particularly newer and emerging brands reaching their peak and gaining momentum. You can never anticipate when a crisis can occur, especially in a time where “cancel culture” runs rampant. Beyond damage control and restoring your brand’s reputation when things can go awry, a PR agency possesses the tools and expertise to prevent these types of crises in the first place. Think of a PR agency as your front line, ready to spring into action with their experience and ability to protect your brand’s best interests at heart.

Return on Your Investment

You are your greatest investment. As you’re looking to expand and grow your brand, perhaps you’re looking for the next step to do so, whether with advertising or PR. Both help build your brand and connect you to your ideal client, but the approaches are different. While you may invest in an advertisement – it creates short-term exposure and buzz that you continuously pay and renew and update to continue that exposure, diminishing the credibility since you pay-to-play. It’s important to consider a PR agency as a partner for the long-haul. PR is unpaid, earned media that is established through trust and credibility from trusted, influential people and can span beyond an advertisement’s usage rights. The authenticity shines through when others speak of their personal brand experience, thus paying dividends in the end with your investment.

Push the Envelope PR is one of the best investments you can make for your emerging brand, offering an array of services that can elevate your brand to the next level. Through our experience, expertise and proven track-record, we can help any brand from infancy to maturity in accelerating their growth.

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