A PR Agency for Fashion Brands’ Guide to Spring 2023 Trends

While autumn leaves are falling, Fashion Week just ended and for any PR agency for fashion brands, they are 10 steps ahead to get their clients ready to bloom come Spring season. Push the Envelope PR is no exception. With over 16 years of experience in fashion, beauty and wellness, we’ve got our eye on the latest trends that will be buzzing by March. Let’s check out some of the top trends from this month’s Fashion Week and how these can translate to your upcoming launches in apparel, accessories and beyond.


Skin is in, but with a twist. No need for cutouts, less coverage or unique hemlines. Instead, the trends we’ve seen hit the runway this month are truly about still covering up but with the simplicity of sheer fabrics to truly turn heads. From organza, silks, tulle or mesh, designers created silhouettes in many shapes and forms with these sleek and sheer fabrics. Skirts, blouses, and an outer piece over intimates, it’s a softer bold that is drawing attention in the upcoming Spring season. PR for fashion brands can take this inspiration with any aspect of the field. For instance, if you’re not in apparel, there are avenues pitching amazing accessories, jewelry and handbags that compliment these sheer looks, getting them in the forefront of editors in upcoming editorial pieces to complete the look.


Though it’s common to see heavy leather looks this time of the year, all things moto-cross and edgy aren’t planning to slow down anytime soon. Many fall/winter 2022 looks featured biker chic looks but still popped up on the runway for spring. Miniskirts and moto jackets of lighter tones from beige or brown hues are sure to keep leather looking good in any weather. Cruelty free, animal-conscious brands can still keep up with this trend if some of your apparel utilizes alternative vegan materials. Consumers want to keep up with trends without compromising their values so this would be an opportune moment to get your name out there while this trend continues to stay strong. A PR agency for fashion brands can connect you to the right influencers that are in alignment with your values making it a win win for both you and conscious shoppers.


Are we back in the roaring 20’s? Is the fringe making you cringe? Not to worry as past seasons are also suggesting this is only evolving into a more elevated affair. Designers this season explored the versatility beyond the traditional flapper dress style. Instead, we’re seeing fringe in the form of playful details on sweaters, skirts, tops and accessories. The best part is how fringe can translate across all types of styles and seasons – so whether you’re a boho-chic brand, evening gown, leather goods or beachwear, a PR agency can specialize on getting your fringe designs in the right placements throughout the season and across a diverse range of fashion styles.


My, oh my have we evolved from the Skinny Jean! Now it’s time for low rise and mom jeans to move over as baggier silhouettes like cargo pants, oversized and baggy jeans are making their way this spring. Oversized shirts, maxi skirts, two-toned layering give plenty of opportunities to style with this beloved fashion staple. These trends are really opening the door to body inclusivity, allowing for any body and everybody to play in this trend. This leaves plenty of space for fashion brands who may specialize on body inclusivity and extended sizing to highlight their designs and looks for all.


Acid green and electric limes are the colors that brightened the runway this past month across multiple fashion houses. The vibrance is bold, fresh and perfect for the spring season as seen in sportswear, womenswear, shoes and accessories. Don’t fret if this wasn’t on your radar. Colors like hot pink were great ways to compliment the looks and perhaps your brand might have some pieces that can match spruce up the look.


These are only a few of the trends that we have the pulse on for Spring 2023 and as we wrap up holiday gift guides, we’re already looking to make a splash in 2023 with our current clients in the fashion and beauty space. Our experience, relationships and influencers are ready to partner with us and our award-winning clients to propel their fashion designs and launches to new heights. If your brand is in need of getting your designs and accessories into the trend spotlight, send us a message or book a consultation here to see how we can partner with you.


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