A Day In The Life, How Your PR Agency Works For You

Leveling Up Business Growth Through PR 

So much to do, so little time? Whether you’re an emerging brand or you’ve got the latest and greatest launch ready to go, PR and marketing is a full time job on its own. To give you space to focus on other elements of the business, whether from supply chain to sales, a boutique PR agency like Push the Envelope can do the work for you and even more than you probably imagined.  Let’s face it, a day in the life of a PR agency is unpredictable and ever-changing, so it’s important to have someone take the lead who can navigate the ever-changing winds of the marketing world. Below are a few of the examples in no particular order that PR agencies focus on keeping you and your brand in the forefront. 


You know how before the internet existed, people would have their coffee and catch up with current events with a newspaper before they headed to the office? A typical day for a PR agency works the same way – keeping abreast with everything going on.  News travels fast and one of the key things is to stay up to date. Especially now with multiple forms and outlets – whether via Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok and regular news outlets, a PR agency is constantly keeping their eyes peeled on the current news and latest viral trends that are either growing or grew overnight.  One oversight, and they can miss a key opportunity to get their brands riding the waves of the latest trends. Paying attention and doing this as part of a daily routine in the PR world is a non-negotiable.  This also allows them to shift and ideate on current campaigns and projects that might need some finessing to adjust to the trend of the moment. The PR team will action and make suggestions and how it relates to your brand without you having to lift a finger or read a single article by the time you’ve even taken a sip of your coffee. 😛 


Any boutique PR agency is going to build their expertise and depth of knowledge across a variety of industries ranging from fashion, beauty, home, personal care and even more while subcategories fall within each.  Research and becoming an expert in each industry and within each sector of marketing is key. With expertise and experience under their belt, PR agencies never stop researching and pair this with the current trends to make sure the brands they represent continue to stay relevant and become top of mind in all forms of marketing – print, social, influencer and press. Much of the research is being done for you, without you ever having to lift a finger. 


With all the research and keeping abreast with news cycles and industry trends, this helps a PR agency know the best way to communicate your brand or launch.  You can have peace of mind that a PR agency is doing the heavy lifting and writing the most compelling pieces to get your message heard and your product seen.  This can look like the form of a press release, pitch, op-ed, blogs and social media posts. The point being, their crafty and curated message that they create is intended to make your product absolutely newsworthy to get picked up and shared again and again. 


A PR agency goes up to bat for you, setting you up and getting your brand to as many eyes and ears that will share with their audience. Pitching to their media, editor and influencer contacts – they can pitch particular brands and products for placement in key press hits with their comprehensive contact list.  On the flip side, PR agencies can also pitch key ideas to the brand client. If you have a new product and need some thought partners on how to innovatively activate a launch, suggesting event ideas, key influencers and editors to invite, just to name a few. Finally, a boutique PR agency like Push the Envelope is always looking for pitches from our clients to add their product to our influencer boxes or for different gift guides we like to offer seasonally. Having a PR agency work for you is like having an idea lightbulb lit 24/7 because you have the manpower and bandwidth to get those creative ideas flowing and flawlessly executed.


Occasionally there may be a 911 fire that needs to be put out when checking up on the news. A PR agency can prioritize and help manage any crises that may come your way.  Did an IG post go viral for the wrong reason? A PR team will handle it.  PR agencies are experts in pivoting in real time and when the wind changes they can renavigate and direct to also prevent and avoid any potential disasters that they see up ahead.


Client, media and influencer lists are constantly updating. Newer, buzzier people enter the forum and with a PR agency, they can see who is going to trend a mile ahead. Whether it’s a micro influencer they have their eye on, change in editors, a PR agency is staying up to date to ensure you’re getting the crème de la crème of who they can pitch your message to.

These are just a few of the day-to-day responsibilities that a PR agency like Push the Envelope can execute with your partnership. We’re constantly on the pulse in all areas of PR in a multitude of industries and are able to provide this and more for all our clients. 

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