What is the #PTEbox?

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There are various strategies to conduct an influencer marketing campaign. In the competitive social media landscape, a cost-effective strategy is to increase brand visibility to the right influencers by facilitating personalized media mailers. This results in earned, organic user-generated content through a process of ‘unboxing’ on Instagram stories and feed. Through this tactic, brands are able to reach millions of their target consumers without paying high rates for one influencer which can range upwards of thousands of dollars per post.

Our #PTEBOX is a themed, personalized mailer that is carefully curated with beauty, fashion, lifestyle and wellness essentials for on-brand and relevant social media influencers. Each month the #PTEBOX is packed with brands to help celebrate a holiday, season, national event, and/or beauty, fashion and wellness trend. The #PTEBOX featuring indie to mass consumer brands has been facilitated to influencers who are leading the discussions in these markets. The #PTEBOX has been shared with 100s of influencers and receives on average a 70% post rate success via Instagram stories and earned posts.

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